Best answer: Can I import car from Malaysia to Pakistan?

The Trade Policy and Customs rules allow import of vehicles into Pakistan. Both new and used vehicles can be imported.

How much does it cost to import a car to Pakistan?


S.No. Vehicles of Asian Makes meant for transportation of persons Duty and Taxes in US$ or equivalent amount in Pak
01. Upto 800 cc US$ 4,800
02. 801cc to 1000cc US$6,000
03. From 1001 cc to 1300cc US$13,200
04. From 1301cc to 1500cc US$18,590

How can I import my old car to Pakistan?

Import Used Car as a Gift

  1. Car purchase receipt.
  2. Goods declaration.
  3. Bill of Lading (must include the consignee’s name and address)
  4. Pakistan origin card or attested passport photocopy of the used car donor.
  5. CNIC of the used car recipient.

Can you send a car as a gift to Pakistan?

Old and used cars, not older than 3 years and other vehicles not older than 5 years can be imported, gifted or brought to Pakistan by Pakistan nationals including dual nationals under three Schemes as explained below. …

How is custom duty calculated in Pakistan?

*Additional Sales Tax is not present in the above image, but as per Sales Tax Act of Pakistan, this is 3% for all items. Now let us dive into the calculation of Customs Duty.

Step 2: Know your Duty Structure!

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Customs Duty 20%
Additional Customs Duty 7%
Regulatory Duty 10%
Sales Tax 17%
Additional Sales Tax * 3%

How can I import a car from UK to Pakistan 2020?

One has to be an overseas resident for at least 180 days to import a new car from UK to Pakistan. If the gift option is selected then 2 years of abroad residency is necessary. Also you can only send the vehicle as a gift to the immediate family member only. One can send only one car or any vehicle in two years.

How much is import tax on a car?

Passenger four-wheelers imported into India are currently taxed at 60 percent for vehicles costing below $40,000, or at 100 percent for vehicles with prices above $40,000, irrespective of the fuel type. In a letter to the Indian authorities, Tesla had lobbied a reduction of the customs duty to 40 percent for EVs.

How can I import a car as a gift in Pakistan?

Documentation required tom import car under gift scheme

  1. GD (Goods Declaration)
  2. Export Certificate.
  3. Purchase invoice of the vehicle.
  4. BL showing the name and address of the receiver.
  5. Attested photocopy of the Pakistan origin card or passport.
  6. CNIC of the person receiving the vehicle.

Can you gift a car to a family member in Pakistan?

Gifting of two cars is not permissible. He can gift only one new or up to two years old car during the last two years of stay abroad to a family member.

Is there custom duty on gifts in Pakistan?

Generally speaking the PK customs does not charge any duty on items less than $200 or up to USD 200. There are also no duty charges on items marked “Gift”.

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