Can I bring seeds into Malaysia?

This includes bringing any part of the living plants – stem, flower or even seeds – from anywhere around the world into Malaysia. As a matter of fact, you can’t simply bring in these plants into Sabah without a permit although they are from Labuan.

Can I import plant to Malaysia?


The MAQIS Act 2011 (Act 728) requires an import permit for the importation of any plant, animal, carcass, fish, agricultural product, soil, or microorganism.

Can you ship seeds internationally?

Because most countries have regulations to protect against agricultural pests and diseases as well as invasive species, you will probably need both a phytosanitary certificate and an import permit to take or send your seeds to another country.

How can I get import permit for Malaysia?

To import or export goods which require a license, traders first must register with the Companies Commission of Malaysia. Once registered, a company must then apply for an import license from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).

Can Malaysia import goods from Israel?

Goods from Israel must be approved by the Malaysian International Trade & Industry (MITI) before shipping; there is no restriction for document shipments from Israel.

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How can I avoid custom duty in Malaysia?

Any golden rules or possibilities to avoid or escape from duty tax in legal way?

  1. Break the shipment into a few small shipments, said one piece per shipment that not more than 0.5kg.
  2. Ship via normal mail instead of parcel or courier.
  3. If you do not want to be taxed, go under the less-than-RM500 rule.

How much is import duty in Malaysia?

Malaysia’s tariffs are typically imposed on a value-add basis, with a simple average applied tariff of 6.1 percent for industrial goods.

It’s not illegal to mail seeds WITHIN the US. … Small seeds such as tomato and pepper seeds to some extent can be sent in a plain envelope with something like a thick paper towel for padding. If there is more than one packet they need to be taped down so that they can’t get on top on each other.

Can you send seeds to Europe?

As the regulations stand today it will not be possible for seeds to legally enter the EU or Northern Ireland from the UK after 31 Dec 2020 without an attached Phytosanitary Certificate, which takes at least 2 weeks to obtain and will cost a minimum of £125 per shipment.

What can you not bring into Malaysia?

These prohibited items are banned completely from import into Malaysia:

  • Knives and daggers.
  • Pens and pencils.
  • Goods that look like syringes.
  • Indecent or pornographic material of any description.
  • Counterfeit money.
  • Chemicals that are poisonous.
  • Cloth with prints or duplicates of verses from the Quran.
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How long does custom clearance take in Malaysia?

Sending items via FCL or LCL could take up to two months, but in most cases it takes around six weeks. After your items reach Malaysia Customs, you may have to wait for them to clear your items. Usually, items are cleared reasonably quick, around one or two days, but it all depends on the items that you sent.

What do I have to declare at Malaysia customs?

Under the provision of the Customs Act 1967, travellers entering Malaysia are required to declare all dutiable or prohibited goods in their possession. Failure to declare dutiable or prohibited goods or making false declaration is an offence.

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