Can you hit your child in Malaysia?

Although the law is clear that physically hitting is unlawful, in reality a lot of parents still hit their children as a form of “discipline” or “tough love”. … The general public should report child abuse cases although there are no legal requirements to do so.

In Malaysia , corporal punishment in schools is still permitted. Many parents feel that children should be beaten or receive pain for the purposes of discipline. … Most children receive mild punishment in the course of physical discipline which includes smacking or pulling of ears.

What country is it illegal to hit your child?

On 1 July 1979, Sweden became the world’s first nation to explicitly ban corporal punishment of children, through an amendment to the Parenthood and Guardianship Code which stated, “Children are entitled to care, security and a good upbringing.

Is it illegal to cane a child?

Although it is not unlawful for parents to cane their children, some lawyers said there are legal “parameters” that ensure it does not go into the realm of child abuse.

Is caning illegal in Malaysia?

Corporal punishment is also lawful as a sentence under Islamic law, and there is no exemption for females. The Sharia Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, which applies to Muslims in all the States of Peninsular Malaysia (arts. 1 and 2), provides for Islamic courts to order whipping up to six strokes (art. 2).

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Can I hit my child with a belt?

Any spanking that leaves a mark or involves hitting your child with an object (like a cane, a coat hanger, or a belt) will be considered child abuse by American society. Some forms of traditional discipline do not include hitting the child, such as having the child hold one position for a long time.

What age should a child get spanked?

Generally speaking, you can’t effectively discipline a child until they’re at least 2 years old — about the same time your toddler-age kid is ready for potty training.

What is the punishment for abusing a child?

Whenever a child is assaulted, abused, exposed or neglected in a manner to cause physical or mental suffering by any person employed by or managing an organisation, which is entrusted with the care and protection of the child, the punishment would be rigorous imprisonment upto five years and fine upto Rs five lakh.

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