Frequent question: Is the H pronounced in Thailand?

Is the H pronounced in Thai?

It is also spelled with an ‘h’ in French and German, so it’s no accident of English. (To be fair, there is no ‘h’ sound in French, and the ‘h’ is sometimes silent in German, as in “Neanderthal”.) The Thai language is a member of the Tai language family, which is not spelled with an ‘h’.

What is the letter H in Thai?

เอช aehtL. [Thai pronunciation of the English letter,] ‘H’

How is Thailand actually pronounced?

You’d be amazed at the number of people who butcher the pronunciation of the country itself, yet here we are. The Thais themselves refer to their country as Prathet Thai, again with both words featuring a silent “h”. …

Is there a th sound in Thai?

iii) There is no ‘th’ sound in Thai (as in ‘the’ or ‘there’). Thai only allows 6 consonant sounds at the end of syllables. They are M, N, NG, K, P or T. … This is because the Thai character for ‘l’ is pronounced ‘n’ when at the end of a syllable.

Is the H in Thai silent?

It’s not silent. It makes the T aspirated, giving you just a bit of the classic H sound after the T. It just doesn’t form the totally new sound that TH does in English. Same for PH in Thai.

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Why is Thai pronounced Tai?

Apparently, from a Thai pronunciation guide, “Th” is pronounced “T” and “T” is pronounced more like “D” so I assume the English spelling reflects the phoenetic pronunciation of the word. It’s the same in French. TH is pronounced as T, for example “théâtre” (theater) is pronounced as if the H didn’t exist.

How do you pronounce J in Thai?

Similarly I used a letter “j” for jaw-jan, a sound that is often spelled with a “ch” in Thailand which confuses it with the real “ch” (chaw-ching and chaw-chang).

p a hard p/b sound
th pronounced as “t” in English, not “th”
g has a harder sound than in English, between “g” and “k”
j has a harder sound than in English

What are the Thai vowels?

There are twenty-eight vowel sounds in Thai, which can be divided into simple vowels and complex vowels or diphthongs.

Long vowels.

–อ aw กอ kaw (bush)
เ–อ ə เกอ kə
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