How do I buy a motorcycle in the Philippines?

Can I buy motorcycle without license in Philippines?

You actually do not need to have a motorcycle license in order to buy a motorcycle. There are no laws or regulations relating to such a rule, so you are free to purchase as many motorcycles as you would like without worrying about having to get your license first.

How much does a motorcycle cost in Philippines?

4. How much should I pay for a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Category Suggested Retail Price Range
Standard Php 80,000 – Php 540,000
Underbone Php 50,000 – Php 100,000
Sport bike Php 150,000 – Php 2,500,000
Adventure bike Php 500,000 – Php 2,500,000

What are the documents required to buy a motorcycle?

Documents Needed To Purchase A New Bike In India

  • List of Document required for new Two wheeler purchase. …
  • Identity Proof. …
  • Address Proof. …
  • Nationality Proof. …
  • Documents required for Bike Finance. …
  • Identity Proof & Address Proof. …
  • Income Proof. …
  • Bank Statements.

Can you ride a motorcycle home after buying it Philippines?

As long as you have the bill of sale and/or title with the date of your purchase, you can ride a motorcycle home after buying it. Each state will give new motorcycle owners a grace period of a few days to get the motorcycle registered. However, you should immediately obtain insurance before riding.

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Does BDO have motorcycle loan?

During the event, you can check out the latest models of brand new cars and avail of BDO Auto Loan special offers, apart from the low rates and affordable cash out options. … This time around, BDO is making it possible for you to choose the ride you need—be it a car or a motorcycle—from the comfort of your own home.

Do banks finance motorcycles?

Motorcycle loans: Motorcycle loans are specialty loans offered by some banks, credit unions, and online lenders. Depending on the lender, they can be secured or unsecured, but unsecured loans tend to have higher interest rates than secured ones.

How much is a downpayment on a motorcycle?

Most typical Harley-Davidson loans will require 10%-20% down.

Bike Amount 10% Down 40% Down
$15,000 $1,500 $6,000
$20,000 $2,000 $8,000
$25,000 $2,500 $10,000
$30,000 $3,000 $12,000

What is the best motorcycle brand in the Philippines?

Top 5 best commuter motorcycles in the Philippines

  • Yamaha NMAX – the urban commuter. The Yamaha NMAX has been the Japanese company’s best-selling model for quite a long time now. …
  • Honda ADV 150 – go beyond paved roads. …
  • Yamaha MT-15 – the sporty commuter. …
  • Honda CRF150L – tackle any terrain. …
  • CFMOTO 400 NK – go the distance.

What is the best-selling motorcycle in the Philippines?

The 10 best-selling motorcycles in the 2021 MDPPA sales chart

  • Honda Click 125i (121,902 units sold) …
  • Yamaha NMax (63,546 units sold) …
  • Yamaha Mio i 125 S (57,012 units sold) …
  • Honda BeAT Fi (48,328 units sold) …
  • Honda TMX125 Alpha (40,612 units sold) …
  • Honda XRM125 (40,478 units sold)
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How much is the cheapest motorcycle?

The Best & Cheapest Used Beginner Motorcycle to Buy for 2020

  • 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 – $2,500.
  • 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 500 – $2,500.
  • 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 – $2,215.
  • 2010+ Kawasaki Vulcan 900 – $4,000.
  • 2005 Yamaha V-star 650 Classic – $2,965.
  • 2006 Honda Rebel 250 – $1,880.
  • 2008 Suzuki GS500F – $2,175.

How can I get money for my bike?

Cash Is Best

Alternatively, you may seek a personal loan from your local bank and take that money straight to the showroom and pick up your bike. Local and smaller banks usually offer you a better rate of interest than what the showroom tie-up banks will offer you. This brings us to the next point.

Can I buy bike without income proof?

Can I get a bike loan without proof of income? Yes, with other documents in place.

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