How do you curse in Indonesia?

Is anjing a bad word?

Both ‘anjing’ and ‘asu’ are swear words that translated as dog/dog-ish person. However, the rudeness of it are highly different. ‘Anjing’ is an Indonesian word, while ‘asu’ mostly used by Javanese-speaking society. … *it is less impolite swear word/expression and popularized by Indonesian Comedic Group: Warkop.

Is Goblok a bad word?

List of Common Indonesian swear words: Goblok! – stupid! Anjing!

Is Babi a bad word?

While in some different conditions, the word ‘babi’ can be used as a swearing words to show anger or any displeasing feeling. … The use of the swearing word ‘babi’ is not as often as the word ‘anjing’.

What does Lee mean in Indonesian?

Think of it very similar to Indonesian harsh words that start with the letter K and end with the letter L. But this word is not an official word, it is more towards “slang” or their slang. So Lee means “male genitalia” which goes into their slang.

What is Banget?

The word banget is used in Indonesian meaning ugly,very,extremely,bored.

What Bobo means?

often disparaging. : a member of a social class of well-to-do professionals who espouse bohemian values and lead bourgeois lives.

What is Bangsat?

‘Bangsat’ is a swearing word that’s quite often used in a colloquial conversation by Indonesian. … For a better explanation about the word, ‘bangsat’, let’s just jump to its meaning explanation in the following part. The Meaning of Bangsat. According to KBBI, ‘bangsat’ means bedbug or disgusting louse.

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Is anjing an insult?

As a part of any language, slang words exist to be used in a very informal situation between addresser and addressee. … The word ‘anjing’, which means the animal ‘dog‘ in English, is commonly used as a swearing word by most of Indonesian to express their dissatisfaction or hate.

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