How many floors are in the Twin Towers in Malaysia?

Башни Петронас

What is inside the Petronas Twin Towers?

The headquarters of Petronas, Malaysia’s oil and gas power company, the twin towers are also home to Suria KLCC, one of Malaysia’s best shopping malls; Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia’s finest oceanarium; and KLCC Park, an urban curated green-lung project for Kuala Lumpur’s health, complete with a Symphony Lake feature.

How much are tickets for Petronas Towers?

Admission Rate

Age Price (Non-MyKad) Price (MyKad)
Infant (Below 2 years) FREE Admission FREE Admission
Child (Age 3-12 years) RM33.00 RM14.00
Adult (Age 13-60 years) RM80.00 RM28.00
Senior Citizen (61 years and above) RM42.00 RM14.00
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