How much does a driver cost in Bangkok?

In Bangkok, a personal driver, would start between 15-18K THB per month with 150 – 200 THB per hour for OT plus benefits. A commercial driver, operating a pick-up truck or 4-6 wheel lorry, they would start between 9 – 12 K, depends on their experience and driving record.

How do I hire a driver in Bangkok?

A guide for locals and expats on hiring a full and part-time driver in Bangkok

  1. Contact an Agency for One-off Trips. There are plenty of agencies out there that will organise a driver for you on a trip-by-trip or day-by-day basis. …
  2. Ask a Taxi Driver. …
  3. Advertise. …
  4. Reach Out to a Specialist Driver Agency.

How much do taxi drivers make in Bangkok?

The average salary of a taxi driver in Thailand is ฿15,000 per month or $480. For hard working taxi drivers in Bangkok, the monthly salary can be as high as ฿30,000 per month, which is a very good income in Thailand.

Can foreigners drive in Bangkok?

If you are not a resident (you are on a tourist visa or exemption of visa), you need an international driving permit (IDP) to be able to drive in Thailand. … An international driving permit (IDP) can be obtained in your home country.

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What is a good salary in Bangkok?

Average Salary / Bangkok. Average salary in Bangkok is 1,206,841 THB per year. The most typical earning is 507,603 THB.

How much is a driver in Thailand?

The average pay for a Driver is THB 217,132 a year and THB 104 an hour in Thailand. The average salary range for a Driver is between THB 170,620 and THB 257,153. On average, a High School Degree is the highest level of education for a Driver.

Are taxis safe in Thailand?

“Yes, you will be completely safe taking a taxi in Bangkok.

How much do grab drivers make in Thailand?

The quick summary would be: Both Grab and Foodpanda delivery drivers earn a modest wage that is around 200,000 Baht per year up to about 450,000 Baht if they drive in a higher cost of living city and/or work very very long hours, or in other words a modest wage that can afford a modest lifestyle in a basic studio …

Can foreigners drive in Thailand?

For an international driver’s license (Can only be done at The Department of Land Transport) An international driving license is accepted as long as it is valid, but a foreign license is not accepted in Thailand. If you are a resident and eligible, you should obtain a Thai Driver’s License.

Can tourists drive in Thailand?

Driving in Thailand can be done by tourists as long as you hold a valid driver’s license in English from your country of origin or a valid International driver’s license. In Thailand, vehicles drive to the left hand side of the road and speed limits are expressed in kilometres per hour.

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Can foreigner drive grab in Thailand?

The main political issue Grab wants resolved by government, and what is hampering expansion efforts, is legalisation. Though Grab operates in 16 provinces and 19 cities in Thailand, paying for a ride from an unlicensed driver is still technically illegal, and some Grab drivers have faced fines by police.

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