How much is a simple wedding in the Philippines?

The average total wedding costs locally have reached a new high of P500, 000. Weddings are typically an expensive affair. Prepare to fork out PHP 236,000 to PHP 1,268,000 for a wedding in the Philippines. Destination weddings may cost more depending on the venue and number of attendees.

How much does a simple wedding cost in the Philippines?

According to, the average simple wedding budget in the Philippines for 150 guests is around Php300,000. For couples who want to celebrate their big day with that number of people, be prepared to spend a small fortune.

How much is a cheap wedding in the Philippines?

As you can see in the table below, the total low range Philippine wedding cost is about $4,300. In fact, this could be even lower with just a symbol civil wedding and no reception. For example, our total wedding cost was about $3,000. In other word, we found other ways to save on specific items.

How much does marriage cost in the Philippines?

How much does a wedding cost in The Philippines in 2018?

Cost Low-Range High-Range
Ceremony 7,000 25,000
Reception and Décor 35,000 150,000
Catering 50,000 185,000
Hair, Makeup and Beauty 7,500 30,000
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What is the best month to get married in the Philippines?

There is no single best date or month for marriage. But just like there is a peak season for festivities on April-May, and that for gift-giving on December- January, there are specific months when weddings are at their peak. Since time immemorial, June is a peak month.

What are the requirements to marry a foreigner in the Philippines?

Any foreign national who wishes to marry in the Philippines is required by the Philippine Government to obtain from his/her Embassy or Consulate in the Philippines, a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage before filing an application for a marriage license.

How much is the church fee for a wedding in Philippines?

Church Wedding Cost

Couples can wed in a church with a budget of PHP 6,000 to PHP 15,000. This cost already includes the officiating fee, choir, altar, and aisle and floral decoration. However, this sample church wedding budget in the Philippines for 2021 is only for a small and simple wedding.

Does dowry still exist in Philippines?

The dowry, as a norm in the Philippines, is provided by the groom’s family. For the Filipino people, marriage is a union of two families, not just of two persons. Therefore, marrying well “enhances the good name” of both families.

How much do you pay a judge for a wedding in the Philippines?

How much is the judge fee for a civil wedding in the Philippines? As of 2021, a judge’s fee costs Php 700. In order to secure a schedule at the Hall of Justice of your city or municipal hall, you also need to pay another Php 300 for the processing fee.

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