How much is international school fees in Malaysia?

Sending your child to a school in Malaysia will cost you around $73,000 for preschool until Year 12. This depends on the type of institution. Government schools have lower fees. However, international schools can cost as much as $100,000, covering all required education levels.

Are International Schools expensive?

The 3 most expensive countries in the world for international education are the USA, China and Switzerland. Asia is the most expensive region for international education. … Africa is by far the most affordable continent for international schooling. Europe has the widest range of international school fees in the world.

What is the difference between private and international school in Malaysia?

Private secondary schools prepare students for two public examinations, namely the PT3 (Form 3 Assessment), and the SPM (Malaysian Certificate of Education) at Form 5. … International schools often provide different extra-curricular activities, superior amenities, smaller classes, and, sometimes, residential facilities.

Is it cheaper to study in Malaysia?

You can study in Malaysia for less than USD 10,000!

Education at private institutions can cost about USD 9,000 per academic year. Branches of foreign universities are more expensive but significantly cheaper than their main campuses.

Is it expensive to study in Malaysia?

Cost of Studying and Living in Malaysia

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On average, an international student can expect to pay around MYR 7,000 per year for a bachelor’s degree. Masters degrees will cost an international student around MYR 11,000 per year.

What is the most expensive course in the world?

These are 7 of the most expensive degrees in the world

  • Wharton School — $192,900 Executive MBA. …
  • Sarah Lawrence College — $204,784 Bachelor of Arts. …
  • Harvey Mudd College — $209,532 Bachelor of Science. …
  • Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons — $230,536 Doctor of Medicine.

Which country has the most expensive university education?

International study costs across 15 countries

Rank Country Annual university costs (USD)
1 Australia 24,081
2 Singapore 18,937
3 United States 24,914
4 United Kingdom 21,365

How much does an international school cost?

The rate shown is the 2021 rate. Rates vary with the duration of cover required.

Summary of fees 2022.

Tuition fees per student per year2 Fee
Years K to 6 (Primary) A$13,400
Years 7 to 10 (Junior secondary) A$14,800
Years 11 and 12 (Senior secondary) A$16,600
Intensive English Centre A$8,900 for two terms
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