Is Lisa famous in Thai?

Lisa became the first global ambassador for MAC Cosmetics in 2020. Lisa is the most followed K-pop/Thai idol on Instagram with over 56.9 million followers. She is the only K-Pop artist and 16th female to achieve this.

Is Blackpink famous in Thailand?

For K-pop fan in Thailand , yes Blackpink is popular.

Is Lisa’s Korean fluent?

She also had to attended korean language classes. What’s more is that, the other trainees, like the current blackpink members and the ex-almost-blackpink-members, helped her a lot too. Since most of the members know english, that helped her learn faster too. And now, she can speak korean fluently!

Is ten friends with Lisa?

Both Lisa and Ten grew up in Thailand before moving to South Korea. The pair are each recognised as talented dancers, and their collaboration excited audiences across the globe as fans applauded both their skills and their friendship across various social media platforms.

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