Is there fireworks at Universal Studios Singapore?

Take some time out to catch some wonderful live entertainment, from award-winning stage shows to a spectacular fireworks display.

Can I bring a bag to Universal Studios Singapore?

Yes you can bring your bag along for the transformers ride. You’d have to worry about the queue though. It’s a popular ride and the vehicle only takes in 12 people at a time.

Is there fireworks at Sentosa?

A fitting end to your day out at Sentosa, this spectacular light water show about friendship and courage is staged nightly. Be wowed by spellbinding laser, fire and water effects set to a majestic soundtrack, complete with a jaw dropping fireworks display, possibly the only place to see this in Singapore.

Is entry to Sentosa free?

To enjoy the free admission to Sentosa if you are entering at the Sentosa Express, use your Ez-Link Card to tap and enter for free. … For those driving in by car at the Sentosa Gantry, enter free as long as the vehicle has a locally registered IU.

What time does Sentosa open?

Click here to chat with our digital concierge anytime of the day or our live chat agents from 9am to 6pm (Singapore Time) daily.


Location Opening Hours
VivoCity Station (VivoCity, Level 3) Daily: 9am to 6pm
Resorts World Station Daily: 10am to 7pm
Imbiah Lookout Daily: 9am to 6pm
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What is Universal Studios Singapore best known for?

Review: Universal Studios Singapore

This 20-hectare theme park—the first of its kind from Universal Studios in Southeast Asia—is all manmade fun. It boasts the world’s tallest dueling rollercoaster, the Battlestar Galactica, alongside the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase and Puss In Boots’ Giant Journey rides.

Are rides free in Universal Studios?

Yes the rides are included as well as the tram tour of the studios. Parking is not included, general parking is around $10 a car and you walk through the shopping/restaurant area to get to the park entrance.

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