Question: How do I get a Thai ID card?

Where can I get a Thai ID card?

To apply for the pink ID card, you must go to the District Office at your local or nearest location. You should make sure all of the documents are prepared. You may also bring some more extra documents if possible to support the application.

How can a foreigner get a Thai national ID card?

Thailand – Apply for Thai Identification (Pink ID) Card for…

  1. Apply for the ID by going to your local Provincial Registrars and if you are in Bangkok to the Registrars Office.
  2. Make sure that you have all required documents with you when you apply.

What is sky blue ID?

CC30 Sky Blue Cards are credit card size (CR-80) with a 30 mil thickness. CR-80 30 mil cards are the standard size and thickness of most identification cards being used today. … The CC30 Sky Blue Cards are perfect for: ID cards, gift cards, business cards, membership cards and loyalty cards.

What is a pink Thai ID card?

A “Pink ID Card” is an ID Card that was initially issued to stateless people to restrict their movement within the Kingdom of Thailand. … To apply for a Pink ID card, you need a Thai ID number and you must have you name present in either a Yellow House Registration book or Blue House Registration book.

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What is Singapore identity card?

The National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) is the compulsory identity document issued to citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. People must register for an NRIC within one year of attaining the age of 15, or upon becoming a citizen or permanent resident.

What is the Thai national identity?

Arguably, Thailand’s national identity and unity is founded on two fundamental characteristics – its monarchy and its dominant religion, Buddhism. Buddhism, followed by 93.6% of the population, has long played a symbolic role in shaping Thailand’s national identity.

Is Thailand a state?

Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย), known formerly as Siam and officially as the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia.

How do I get a drivers license in Thailand?

Requirements to Apply for a Thailand Driving License

  1. Medical Certificate. You can get this at just about any hospital or clinic. …
  2. Residence Certificate or Work Permit. …
  3. Passport. …
  4. Valid Driving License or International Driving Permit. …
  5. Thailand Driving License Application Form.

What is meant by national ID number?

DEFINING THE PARAMETERS: AN OVERVIEW A national ID card can be broadly defined as a nationwide, all purpose identification document for the citizens issued by the government.

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