Question: Is there romance in the gifted Thai?

The story is good enough withou any romance. Speaking about the acting, I liked everyone, but I have to say that the three best performances, in my opinion, goes to Bird Wanchana Sawasdee as the director; Katreeya English as professor Ladda; and Gun Atthaphan as Pun.

Is the gifted Thai on Netflix?

Yes, The Gifted: Season 1 is now available on Thai Netflix. It arrived for online streaming on December 17, 2019.

Will there be a season 3 of The Gifted?

FOX has officially cancelled The Gifted tv series. Season 3 of The Gifted will be the last season. FOX does not have plans for the next season, but we can never be sure. As of August 2021, season three has not been planned or scheduled.

Is The Gifted worth watching?

The CGI can be improved, but it’s far better than standard TV shows. It’s an action show but not too violent. It’s a great show to watch for the entire family. … For all fans out there loving the Heroes series The Gifted will be a great follow up in the realm of X.

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