Question: Why are Thailand’s roads among the deadliest in the world?

Why does Thailand have so many road accidents?

From the 833 cases in our study, we have found that the main cause of road accidents involves road factors such as road safety equipment, road slopes, warning signs and road signs. Meanwhile, poor surfaces and bad weather are the environmental factors that worsen the severity of the road accidents.

Which of the following is the main cause of collisions in Thailand?

3 main causes of road accident : Speed violation, human error and illegal overtaking. (source : the research of ThaiRoads,2008 and Royal Thai Police statistic in 2002-2006)

How dangerous is it to drive in Thailand?

Thailand’s provincial roads are the most dangerous with a death rate of 72 deaths per thousand in Rayong province while Bangkok’s roads, at most times a traffic log jam, are the safest. It appears to many observers that the dangers faced on Thailand’s roads are very much a Thai cultural aberration.

How many people die from motorbike accidents in Thailand?

About 20,000 people die each year on Thai roads, which are among the deadliest in the world.

How many die on UK roads?

Statistics on reported road casualties in Great Britain for the year ending June 2018 show there were: 1,770 reported road deaths. 26,610 people killed or seriously injured. 165,100 casualties of all severities, a decrease of 6%

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Is Thailand a state?

Thailand (Thai: ประเทศไทย), known formerly as Siam and officially as the Kingdom of Thailand, is a country in Southeast Asia.

How many car crashes are there in Bangkok?

There were 3,421 road accidents with a total of 3,499 people injured. Per province, most people died in the capital Bangkok (15) this year.

How many people died on roads in Vietnam?

In the most recent reported year, the number of deaths amounted to approximately 8.25 thousand, indicating a decrease of compared to 2017.

Number of deaths caused by traffic accidents in Vietnam from 2012 to 2018 (in 1,000s)

Characteristic Number of deaths in thousands
2018 8.25
2017 8.28
2016 8.64
2015 8.73
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