Quick Answer: What is the most popular school in Thailand?

What is the famous school in Thailand?

Best Universities in Thailand according to International Rankings

Universities Times Higher Education Ranking (2021) U.S. News & World Report Ranking (2021)
Chiang Mai University 1001 856
Kasetsart University 1001 1106
Khon Kaen University 1001
Mahasarakham University 1001

What is the most expensive school in Thailand?

Over 6 million baht! This is the cost of putting your child through years 1 to 6 at the most expensive international school in Bangkok – and Thailand, Verso International School in Samut Prakan.

What can I study in Thailand?

The most popular study areas for international students are Thai and English language, business administration, and international business and marketing. Tuition and fees vary across universities and programs.

How much does it cost to study in Thailand?

Tuition fees at private universities

It depends on the type of academic programme, the length of your studies, and so on. Let’s take the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) as an example: tuition for Bachelor’s programmes: 18,300–27,250 EUR/year. tuition for Master’s programmes: 9,865–14,125 EUR/year.

Is Thailand good for higher education?

Times Higher Education World University Rankings take the top institutions in the world, and look at their performance across all of their core objectives: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook. Thailand has 17 universities in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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Are schools in Thailand good?

Outstanding facilities and campus

Boarding Schools in Thailand have large, open campuses with outstanding learning spaces, performance theatres and sports facilities. The quality of the built environment of these boarding schools is comparable to the very best boarding schools from around the world.

What are the school in Thailand?

Samut Prakan

  • American School of Bangkok.
  • Assumption Samutprakarn School.
  • Concordian International School.
  • Sriwittayapaknam School.
  • Samutprakan School.
  • Streesmutprakan School.
  • Thai-Chinese International School.
  • Thai Sikh International School.

What are the school hours in Thailand?

Academic year in Thailand begins in mid-May and ends in March, and generally requires 7-8 hours per day, five days per week. There are roughly 40-50 students per class, and students remain in the same room for all subjects while the teachers alternate classrooms. Many high schools have over 5,000 students.

How wealthy is Thailand?

Thailand itself is a newly industrialized country, with a GDP of 16.316 trillion baht (US$505 billion) in 2018, the 8th largest economy of Asia, according to the World Bank.

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