What percentage of Vietnam is farmland?

In 2018, the land area for agriculture accounted for about 39.25 percent of total land area in Vietnam. In that year, crop land accounted for 37.17 percent of total land area and forest land made up 46.74 percent of Vietnam’s total land area.

What percent of the land can be used in Vietnam?

From the beginning of this century, the world’s population increased 3.8 times, but Vietnam’s population increased 5.8 times. Therefore, the pressure of population growth on land resources is becoming more critical every year. Currently, approximately 55 per cent of the total land area is being productively utilized.

What does Vietnam use their land for?

About one-third of Vietnam’s land area is used for agriculture, with 20% of its land considered arable, 11% used as permanent cropland and about 2% used as permanent meadow and pastureland.

How much is land in Vietnam?

Geography of Vietnam

Continent Asia
• Total 331,212 km2 (127,882 sq mi)
• Land 93.62%
• Water 6.38%
Coastline 3,444 km (2,140 mi)

Which is the most fertile land in the world?

Countries With the Most Arable Land

Rank Country Arable Land (%)
1 Bangladesh 59
2 Denmark 58.9
3 Ukraine 56.1
4 Moldova 55.1
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How much of the world’s land is arable?

Of the earth’s 57 million square miles (148,000,000 km²) of land, approximately 12 million square miles (31,000,000 km²) are arable; however, arable land is being lost at the rate of over 100,000 km² (38,610 square miles) per year.

Who owns the most farmland in the world?

1. Roman Catholic Church: 70 million hectares. The largest landowner in the world is not a major oil magnate or a real estate investor.

What is the best farmland in the world?

And the best place to find productive farmland is Uruguay. With consistent appreciation and an annual cash return Uruguayan farmland is a great store of value in turbulent times. Nestling between Argentina, Brazil and the Atlantic Uruguay is peaceful, stable and has over 2.6 million acres of farmland under cultivation.

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