Where can I find accommodation in Singapore?

How do I find accommodation in Singapore?

The best way to find a place to rent in Singapore is to contact a housing agency. Housing agents have large databases of available property, and will be able to find you an apartment that best suits you needs based on location and price. In many cases it can be cheaper to communicate with landlords directly.

How much is student accommodation in Singapore?

Dwell Student Living Room Rate

Room Type Monthly Rent Per Bed (1-month contract) Monthly Rent Per Bed (3-month contract)
Triple Room $850-$900 $800-$850
Twin Room $900-$1,550 $850-$1,500
Single Room $1,550-$1,650 $1,500-$1,600
All fees listed are in Singapore Dollars inclusive of local tax (GST)

Where should I stay when renovating a house in Singapore?

10 Family-friendly Serviced Apartments in Singapore: for times when you’re Renovating, Relocating or thinking of a Staycation!

  • Treetops Executive Residences. …
  • Orchard Scotts Residences. …
  • The Club Residences by Capella Singapore. …
  • Fraser Place Robertson Walk. …
  • 8 On Claymore Serviced Residences. …
  • Great World Serviced Apartments.

Is there airbnb in Singapore?

SINGAPORE — Short-term rentals offered by platforms such as Airbnb will remain illegal in Singapore, the authorities announced on Wednesday (May 8) after nearly four years of discussions. A minimum stay of three months will continue to apply to private residential properties.

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Can you rent a house in Singapore?

You can rent either entire units or one bedroom. … Note that subletting an entire apartment requires permission from the Housing Development Board, and that subletting a bedroom is only possible for 3-bedroom flats or larger.

Is Singapore expensive for students?

The range usually varies from S$150 – s$800. Also, the amounts shared are for students living at university hostels. A private room/ hostel would be costlier and the costs keep increasing.

Cost of Living in Singapore for International Students.

Particulars Average Monthly Expense
Public Trains (Concessional Pass) 45 2,075.85
Grand Total 922 42,531.86

Is Singapore expensive for Indian students?

As a student, living in Singapore can cost between SGD 750 to SGD 2000 i.e. INR 40,000 to INR 1 lakh a month. … Accommodation in a student hostel can cost you SGD 345 or INR 18,000 while other expenses like train and bus fares are much more nominal.

How much does it cost to live in Singapore per month?

Summary of cost of living in Singapore

Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area SGD $2,931
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas …) for 2 people in 85m2 flat SGD $176
Monthly rent for a 45 m2 (480 sqft) furnished studio in expensive area SGD $3,088

Why is Airbnb banned Singapore?

Generally, for Housing Development Board (HDB) flats, the minimum rental period is 6 months and it cannot be rented to tourists. … Thus, renting out your properties to different guests through Airbnb for a short period of time is considered as breaching Singapore’s housing laws.

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Is coliving legal in Singapore? Yes, it is. However, you should be aware that the minimum stay period for private property in Singapore is at least 3 months. However, there are certain coliving spaces that offer serviced apartments with minimum stay periods of one night to one week.

Can rent HDB for 3 months?

You must rent an HDB flat/ bedroom for at least 6 months. Owners can apply to rent out flat/ bedrooms for a maximum period of 3 years per application if their tenants are all Singaporeans or Malaysians. For application involving non-Malaysian non-citizens, the maximum rental period per approval is 2 years.

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