Who Wrote Home Singapore?

Why was We Are Singapore composed in the 1980s?

One of the first national songs was “Stand Up for Singapore”, composed in 1984. The song was part of a larger campaign conceived by advertising agency McCann-Erickson in celebration of Singapore’s 25 years of self-government.

Who had the hit song home?

Home (Michael Bublé song)

Length 3:45
Label 143 Reprise
Songwriter(s) Michael Bublé Alan Chang Amy Foster-Gillies
Producer(s) Bob Rock

Who sings the song Home is wherever I’m with you?

What instruments are used in the song home?

It features prominent use of whistling. In total, the song has nearly three minutes of whistling, including the opening melody. Other instruments include guitar, piano, and trumpet.

Is home a NDP song?

Home (家), sung by Kit Chan, was composed by Dick Lee in 1998 as the first in a series of yearly songs commissioned for Singapore’s National Day Parade, together with the other NDP song that year titled as City For The world.

Home (Kit Chan song)

Single by Kit Chan
B-side “Home 家 (Chinese version)”
Released 1998
Recorded 1998
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