You asked: What are the 6 major hospitals in Metro Manila?

Access to all Maxicare-affiliated hospitals including the *6 major hospitals : *Six (6) major hospitals: Asian Hospital, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, Makati Medical Center, St. Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City, St. Luke’s Medical Center Taguig, The Medical City.

How many hospitals are there in Metro Manila?

Of these hospitals, the majority were located within the National Capital Region or Metro Manila area with 56 hospitals.

Number of level 3 hospitals in the Philippines as of February 2021, by region.

Characteristic Number of hospitals

What is the best hospital in Manila?


ranking World Rank Instituto
1 1244 Philippine Heart Center
2 3099 St Luke’s Medical Center Quezon City
3 3369 Makati Medical Center
4 4024 Asian Hospital & Medical Centre

What is the most advanced hospital in the Philippines?

Luke’s Medical Center is recognized as the leading and most respected healthcare institution in the Philippines. Its two facilities in Quezon City and Global City, Taguig are at par with the most advanced hospitals around the world. A testament to St.

What is the most beautiful hospital in the Philippines?

In 2012, HealthExecNews chose St. Luke’s Medical Center as one of the Top 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World.

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What is Level 1 to 3 Hospital in the Philippines?

General hospitals are classified into three levels — Level 1 with minimum healthcare services, Level 2 that offer extra facilities like intensive care unit and specialist doctors, and Level 3 hospitals that have training programs for doctors, rehabilitation, and dialysis units, among others.

What is bed capacity?

Related Definitions

Bed capacity means the maximum number of beds which can be installed or set up in a specialty care assisted living facility at any given time for use of residents.

Are hospitals in Manila good?

The Bottom Line

The U.S. Embassy in Manila notes that “Hospitals in and around Manila often offer high-quality medical care…. Many hospitals outside major urban areas may offer only basic medical care in rudimentary conditions.

Who has the best hospital in the world?

World’s Best Hospitals 2020 – Top 100 Global

Rank Hospital Hospital Beds
1 Mayo Clinic – Rochester 1,265
2 Cleveland Clinic 1,285
3 Massachusetts General Hospital 1,011
4 Toronto General (University Health Network) 727

What are the teaching hospitals in Philippines?


  • #10: Philippine General Hospital (PGH)
  • #9: UST Hospital.
  • #8: World Citi Medical Center.
  • #7: Manila Doctors Hospital.
  • #6: Cardinal Santos Medical Center.
  • #5: The Medical City.
  • #4: Asian Hospital and Medical Center.
  • #3: Makati Medical Center.
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