Your question: Did Bruce Springsteen have a brother in Vietnam?

Walter was drafted at 21 and went missing in action on March 30, 1968, in the Kontum province of South Vietnam. Though Springsteen doesn’t mention it in the Broadway show, Raymond, also an Army veteran, died in 1980 a week after getting beaten up in Vermont, where he was trying to reconcile with his estranged wife.

Why didn’t Springsteen go to Vietnam?

UPI reported that Springsteen admitted to Hanks that he pretended to be high on LSD and used other “tricks” to avoid going to Vietnam after close friends came home in wheelchairs, but later felt guilty about what he did. He said “Born In The USA” helped him reconcile his mixed feelings over his actions.

How much is Bruce Springsteen worth?

The singing icon has a net worth of $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and he makes around $80 million a year. Springsteen sold over 135 million albums globally so far, which makes him among the top 35 best-selling music artists in history.

Did Bruce Springsteen go to college?

Can Bruce Springsteen sing?

He has a rough quality to his voice, but so do a number of other fine singers such as Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, and John Mellencamp. There’s a raw emotion in Bruce’s voice that is shown to great effect. Many of Bruce’s songs reflect anger, bitterness, and anguish which suits his voice well too.

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How did Bruce Springsteen get out of going to Vietnam?

When Bruce Springsteen was 19, he dodged his army draft by behaving “crazily” during the induction and not writing anything in tests. He later went on to write the song “Born in the USA” which was the singer’s reflection on the plight of American veterans returning home from Vietnam.

What is Bruce Springsteen’s most famous song?

Top 10 Bruce Springsteen Songs

  • ‘Born to Run’ From: ‘Born to Run’ (1975)
  • ‘Thunder Road’ From ‘Born to Run’ (1975) …
  • ‘Badlands’ From: ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town’ (1978) …
  • ‘Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out’ From: ‘Born to Run’ (1975) …
  • ‘Atlantic City’ From: ‘Nebraska’ (1982) …
  • ‘Jungleland’ …
  • ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ …
  • ‘Point Blank’ …

Why did Bruce Springsteen fail the draft?

As noted, Bruce has said that he was drafted, he went for his physical, and failed due to injuries he had sustained in a motorcycle accident.

Did Billy Joel serve in Vietnam?

Billy Joel did not fight in the Vietnam War. He thought about fleeing to Canada when the draft lottery came around, but he snagged a very high number and didn’t wind up getting called. “A lot of my friends did go,” he said. … “They said, ‘We’ll tell you what happened to us and you write a song about it,’” Joel recalled.

Why was Springsteen 4f?

At 19, Springsteen, who was already working as a musician, was called up but given a status of 4-F (unfit for duty) owing to a concussion from a motorcycle accident. In 1984, he told Rolling Stone that he had also tried to give “crazy” answers on the induction forms to further ensure he wouldn’t be drafted.

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