Your question: How do I get a multiple entry visa for Vietnam?

How much is a multiple entry visa to Vietnam?

Visa fees

Type of visa 1-2 people Stamping fee
Multiple 1 month 95 US$50
Multiple 3 month 125 US$50
Multiple 6 month 220 US$95
Multiple 12 month (US passport) 320 US$135

How long can you stay in Vietnam on a multiple entry visa on arrival?

Business visa on arrival

The variants of 1 and 3 months have both single as well as multiple entry variants. The 6 months and 1 year types are always multiple entry, meaning that an unlimited number of trips to Vietnam can be made, as long as all trips take place within the validity period of the visa.

How do I get a 3 month visa for Vietnam?

With 3 months single Vietnam visa, you can’t re-enter Vietnam without applying for a new one. Vietnam business visa 3 months single entry can be obtained at the Vietnam Embassy or at the airport in Vietnam with visa on arrival service. Normally, people would love to apply for visa on arrival to save the time and money.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Vietnam?

Can I can get the visa directly at Vietnam airport? No, you can not. In order to obtain your visa on arrival, you must apply online for an approval letter (pre-approved visa letter) through a travel agency.

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How much is a 3 month visa to Vietnam?


Type of visa Cost/Person(USD) Stamping Fee
3 months single entry $27 $25
1 month multiple entry $22 $50
3 months multiple entry $55 $50
1 year (US passports only) $55 $135

Which country can get visa on arrival in Vietnam?

As you know, Vietnam Visa on Arrival is the most convenient way for travelers getting a visa to Vietnam.

List of Country Can Be Offered VOA to Vietnam.

Albania Croatia
Denmark Laos
Lithuania Philippines
Puerto Rico Vanuatu

How long of a visa can you get for Vietnam?

E-visa: U.S. citizens can apply online for a single entry E-visa on the Vietnam Immigration website. The E-visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days, single entry. An E-visa is usually processed within three working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and E-visa fee.

What’s the difference between single entry and multiple entry visa?

What is the difference between a single entry and multiple entry e-Visa? Single entry visa allows you to enter the country just once during its validity and if you want to come back, you need to apply for the visa again. While multiple entry visas allow you to come back multiple times.

How much does a Vietnamese visa cost?

The fees for visa applied at Vietnam embassy vary by the embassy; The fees for visa on arrival is from US$25 for visa stamping for a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa valid for up to 3 months respectively, PLUS the service fee for visa approval letter.

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