Your question: Is Cambodia in WTO?

Cambodia has been a member of WTO since 13 October 2004.

What is the advantage of Cambodian membership in the WTO?

Second, by joining the WTO, Cambodia has been offered and will be offered a new opportunity for comprehensive national reforms. The fact is that Cambodia is able to attract more Foreign Direct Investments, eliminate the poverty within the country, and access its economy into the world market and so on.

Who are not in WTO?

Only 14 countries are not WTO members. These nations do not wish to become members. They are Aruba, Eritrea, Kiribati, Kosovo, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Monaco, Nauru, North Korea, Palau, the Palestinian Territories, San Marino, Sint Maarten, and Tuvalu.

When did Cambodia join trips?

Cambodia became a member of WTO on 13 October 2004 thirty days after it notified WTO that its parliament had ratified the Protocol. Cambodia, along with Nepal, was the first Least Developed Country (LDC) to have succeeded in acceding to the WTO, since WTO’s transformation from the GATT in 1995.

Why Iran is not a member of WTO?

Iran officially submitted an application to join the World Trade Organization (WTO) on 19 July 1996. From July 1996 to May 2001, Iran’s application had not been considered, mainly as a result of US objections and the US veto power in the WTO Council. … Thus the process of Iran’s membership in the WTO started.

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How many bodies are under WTO?

World Trade Organization

Organisation mondiale du commerce (in French) Organización Mundial del Comercio (in Spanish)
Membership 164 member states
Official languages English, French, Spanish
Director-General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala
Budget 197.2 million Swiss francs (approx. 220 million US$) in 2020.

Which country is not a member of WTO before 2001?

The last country admitted as observer-only before applying for full membership was Equatorial Guinea in 2002, but since 2007 it is also in full membership negotiations. In 2007 Liberia and Comoros applied directly for full membership.

Who does Cambodia trade with?

Cambodia trade balance, exports and imports by country

In 2019, Cambodia major trading partner countries for exports were United States, Japan, Germany, China and United Kingdom and for imports they were China, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan and Other Asia, nes.

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