Your question: Where can I buy good durian in Singapore?

How much does durian cost in Singapore?

Durian Vendors That Provide Walk-Ins

Name of Durian Stall Price of Durian/kg Address
Ah Seng Durian Mao Shan Wang: $45 (500g dehusked) Golden Phoenix: $24/kg Ganghai: $14/kg D13: $14/kg Ghim Moh Market Blk 20 #01-119 to #01-121, Singapore, 270020 Bukit Merah Lane 1 Blk 119 #01-24, Singapore, 151119

How much is 1kg of durian?

Mao Shan Wang prices (June 2019)

Durian store in Singapore Mao Shan Wang price
Bentong Durian $17 (Johor) or $18 (Pahang) per kg
Combat Durian $18 per kg
128 Durian $18 per kg
Durian Kaki $18 (Johor) or $19 (Pahang) per kg

How much is Musang King in Singapore?

In the durian market, the price of Musang King can range from $16/kg to $21/kg depending on its origin, quality, seller, and demand.

Dynamics of Durian Prices.

Type of Durian Price per KG
Mao Shan Wang Old Tree $19 – $23
Musang King $16 – $21
Golden Phoenix $22 – $24
Black Gold $25 – $27

Can 1 year old eat durian?

Taste any fruit juice first to ensure it is naturally sweet instead of sour before giving it to a baby. Durians are a no-no, being too fibrous for babies.

Is Black Gold MSW durian?

Black Gold is a durian breed that’s a few grades higher than the popular Mao Shan Wang. Similar to MSW but It has a more distinctive silky texture and an intense buttery, bitter aftertaste.

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What month is durian season?

According to some sellers, the period from mid-June to end of July is the best time to enjoy fresh durian from orchards in Johor. Durian stall owner Tie Kian Chow said the price of the fruit this season was at its cheapest in three years, with yields having tripled because of the weather.

What is the sweetest durian?

The Red Prawn durian got its name from the tint of the orange-reddish tone of the durian’s meat. While still having the signature bitter taste of a durian, the Red Prawn durian is referred to being the sweetest among other types, giving a sweet aftertaste.

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