Your question: Where do the sweetest mangoes in the Philippines can be found?

According to Guinness World Records, the sweetest mango in the world is found in the coastal region of Philippines, Zambales. The region is known for its coveted Carabao variant of mangoes which were declared the sweetest mangoes in the world in 1995 by the Guinness World Records.

What months is mango season in the Philippines?


The regular season for mango is flowering from November to February and harvest from March to June. This is during the summer months. The Philippine Golden carabao mango is a biennial bearer.

How do Filipinos eat mangoes?

Filipinos eat the fruit in ways that are intrinsic to each mango’s uniqueness. Sweet mangos are reserved for eating fresh, or juices and dried mangos. The sour manggang hilaw (green unripe mangos) are often eaten with bagoong, a popular fish paste.

Why Miyazaki mango is so expensive?

The mangoes are sweet and grow up to a size similar to other mango varieties. It is their rarity that makes them so costly,” he tells The Better India. … If grown in optimum weather conditions, each Miyazaki mangoes can weigh around 350 grams and develop a distinct red colour.

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