Your question: Why is agricultural commodity significant in the Philippine economy?

Agriculture dominates Philippine economy. It furnishes employment to about 3 million persons or about 60 per cent of the gainfully employed workers. Agricultural operations provide 40 to 45 per cent of the total national income and about 75 to 80 per cent of the country’s exports.

Why does agriculture very important in the Philippines?

The sector is important for inclusive growth, with agriculture being the key driver of the economy in the rural areas where most Filipinos live (but where poverty incidence remains high). 2 Agriculture remains a major source of employment, with about 36% of the total employed population working in the sector.

Why is agricultural sector important in the economy?

Agricultural economics plays a role in the economics of development, for a continuous level of farm surplus is one of the wellsprings of technological and commercial growth. In general, one can say that when a large fraction of a country’s population depends on agriculture for its livelihood, average incomes are low.

What are the main problems of agricultural in the Philippines?

The results revealed that common problems encountered by rice farmers were: high cost of inputs, low price of palay, lack of capital, labor problem, lack of postharvest facilities, pest and diseases and irrigation system.

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What is the role of agriculturist?

An Agriculturist is a specialist in all areas of cultivation and raising livestock. He/She is a scientist who advises farmers on soil management, breeding animals’ living conditions, crop protection, environmental sustainability, disease and harvesting.

What is agricultural science and its importance?

Well Agriculture is also called “Agricultural Science” because it involves use of Technics. In agriculture you not only need to grow crops but one should know the entire life cycle of a crop, its whole biology of growth and maturing, the effect of climate and environment on it.

Why is agriculture the backbone of our economy?

Agriculture is the backbone of Economic System of a Given Country. Increasing population means that there has to be an increased focus the primary sector. … This ensures that the country can focus more on developing the economy.

Why agriculture is important for human life?

Agriculture is important to human beings because it forms the basis for food security. It helps human beings grow the most ideal food crops and raise the right animals with accordance to environmental factors.

What are three reasons agriculture is important to humans?

Agriculture impacts so many things that it’s hard to imagine a world without this important industry.

Just look at these 5 important ways agriculture impacts our lives every day.

  • Family. …
  • Economy. …
  • Health. …
  • Energy. …
  • Community.
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