How do you greet in Indonesia?

Shake hands and give a slight nod when meeting for the first time. After the first meeting, a handshake is not necessary; a slight bow or nod of the head is sufficient. Shake an Indonesian woman’s hand only if she initiates the greeting. Greet people with “Selamat” (sell-a-mat), which means peace.

How do you greet a woman in Indonesia?

For greetings, you can always say a simple ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’. In non-formal situations, you might say ‘Apa Kabar? ‘ (How are you?). More formally, you might want to use ‘Selamat Pagi’ in place of Good Morning, ‘Selamat Siang’ for Good Afternoon, ‘Selamat Sore’ for Good Evening, and ‘Selamat Malam’ for Good Night.

How do you say namaste in Indonesian?

The literal translation of namaste in English, bowing to you, can be translated as “tunduk kepadamu”, “hormat kepadamu”, “menghargaimu”. It can be said that namaste is equivalent with “salam sejahtera” in Bahasa. In yoga classes, Indonesian people can use this word “namaste” as it is, without being translated.

What does Bali mean in English?

Familiarity information: BALI used as a noun is very rare. Dictionary entry details. • BALI (noun) Meaning: An island in Indonesia to the east of Java; striking volcanic scenery; culture is known for elaborate dances and rituals and for handicrafts.

Can you hug in Indonesia?

There are no specific articles in KUHP (Penal Code of Indonesia) banning kissing and hugging in public.

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What does MAS mean in Indonesian?

‘ So today’s post is dedicated to other Indonesian learners out there who might have the same question. The meaning of mas is ‘older brother/bro‘. It drives from Javanese language, but it is used national wide.

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