How many chapters and articles does the Asean Charter comprise?

How many chapters are in the Asean Charter?

In effect, the ASEAN Charter has become a legally binding agreement among the 10 ASEAN Member States. It will also be registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations, pursuant to Article 102, Paragraph 1 of the Charter of the United Nations.

Which article of the Asean Charter reflects the ASEAN Summit?

1. In pursuit of the Purposes stated in Article 1, ASEAN and its Member States reaffirm and adhere to the fundamental principles contained in the declarations, # THE ASEAN CHARTER • CHAPTER I Page 10 agreements, conventions, concords, treaties and other instruments of ASEAN.

What are the 3 pillars of Asean?

The ASEAN Community 2015 is a community of opportunities under three community pillars: Political- Security Community, Economic Community, and Socio-Cultural Community.

What is the principles of ASEAN Charter?

The principles underlying these agreements, such as mutual respect for the independence, sovereignty, equality, territorial integrity and national identity of all nations, non-interference in the internal affairs of one another, renunciation of the threat or use of force, settlement of disputes by peaceful means, and …

What is the ASEAN motto?

The motto of ASEAN is “One Vision, One Identity, One Community”.

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What does the ASEAN logo represent?

The ASEAN Emblem represents a stable, peaceful, united and dynamic ASEAN. The colours of the Emblem — blue, red, white and yellow — represent the main colours of the crests of all the ASEAN Member States. The blue represents peace and stability.

What does ASEAN centrality mean?

In its most direct and limited sense, ASEAN centrality means that ASEAN lies, and must remain, at the core of Asia (or Asia-Pacific) regional institutions, especially the ASEAN Plus Three (APT), ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) and the East Asian Summit (EAS).

What is TAC ASEAN?

The Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC) was the first treaty the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) leaders signed at the first ASEAN Summit Meeting in Bali, Indonesia in February 1976.

Which city in ASEAN is considered as the most competitive?

1. Singapore ranks number two in the world for competitiveness as a result of consistently high scores across the 12 measures. It leads the world in the area of ‘basic requirements’, which covers the quality of institutions, infrastructure, health & primary education, and macroeconomic factors.

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