Question: How much is PlayStation in Philippines?

Top 10 products Price Store
Sony Playstation 3 ₱ 44,289.00 Galleon
Sony Playstation Vita ₱ 10,954.44 Lazada
Sony Playstation 4 Slim 1TB Jet Black ₱ 17,990.00 Lazada
Sony Playstation 2 ₱ 72,804.00 Galleon

How much does PS5 cost in Philippines?

A cheaper PS5: PS5 Digital Edition is also out today for P23,990. TODAY is the official launch of the PlayStation 5 in the Philippines. While the Standard Edition costs a tidy sum at P27,990, you can save a bit of your 13th month pay if you opt to pick the Digital Edition instead.

How much is PS5 2021 in the Philippines?

It comes with 1 controllers and it has 825GB hard drives capacity.

Price List by Country for Sony PlayStation 5.

Country International Price Price in PHP
Indonesia IDR 11.600.000 ₱ 40,524.00
Philippines PHP 38,788.00 ₱ 38,788.00

How much is a PS5 in Manila?

Exclusive titles from SIE Worldwide Studios will be priced at launch from PHP 2,490 to PHP 3,490 on PS5. For more information, please visit:

PlayStation®5 Specifications.

CPU x86-64-AMD Ryzen™ “Zen 2”
PS5 Game Disc Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc

Is PS5 worth buying?

It’s definitely worth it to purchase a PS5 when you are planning on playing the PS5 exclusive games. Compared to a gaming PC, the value of a PS5 console is relatively high. Better graphics, higher framerates, accessible Virtual Reality, and 4K gaming are among the main benefits of buying a PS5.

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How much is PS5 2021?

The PS5 price is $499.99 in the USA, £449.99 in the UK, and $749.99 in Australia. If you can live without a disc-drive and are happy to only have access to digital games then you might want to consider the PS5 Digital Edition price of $399.99 in the USA, £359.99 in the UK, and $599.99 in Australia.

What will PS5 cost?

Even if you can find where to buy a PS5, $399 is the bare minimum you’ll pay for the console, as there’s a lot more you’ll need to spend on it to get the most out of the PS5. So here’s what we consider to be the true cost of the PS5.

How much is a PS4 in Philippines?

Top Playstation Price List 2021

Top 10 products Price Store
Sony PlayStation 5 ₱ 38,788.00 LazMall by Lazada
Sony PlayStation 4 Pro ₱ 24,690.00 Lazada
Sony Playstation 4 Slim ₱ 12,999.00 Lazada
Sony Playstation 3 ₱ 44,369.00 Galleon

Which is better PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition?

So if you want to sink your teeth into some nostalgic gaming on your new console, get the disc-equipped PS5. 3. … You won’t be able to do that with the Digital Edition, so if you prefer a console that can support gaming, DVDs and Blu-ray, the standard PS5 will be the best choice for you.

How much is a PS4 in pesos?

From 11 sellers at Lazada, Amazon & 1 more Merchants.

Price List by Country for Sony Playstation 4 Slim.

Country International Price Price in PHP
Philippines PHP 12,999.00 ₱ 12,999.00
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