What jobs or tasks do elephants in Thailand perform?

Why do Paul Jimmy and Taso enjoy playing laser tag?

Why do Paul, Jimmy, and Taso enjoy playing Laser Tag? A Playing Laser Tag makes them feel more relaxed than usual.

What is Malai’s mission about?

The mistreatment of the baby elephant by the mahout, and the mahout’s dismissal of her concern, made her want to do something to help all elephants. … The mistreatment of the baby elephant by the mahout made her want to find a way to convince the mahout to treat his elephant better.

Why can taxi seats be a problem for elephants?

The seat, typically made from wood, can severely harm the animal’s back if not fitted properly or if worn for long periods of time. For example, taxi seats have caused some elephants’ rectums and parts of their backs to swell.

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How does Taso feel about playing laser tag for his birthday?

How does Taso feel about playing Laser Tag for his birthday? Taso is excited and happy to be playing Laser Tag for his birthday.

What can you conclude Lisa Dabek will most likely do next?

3. After reading the text, what can you conclude Lisa Dabek will most likely do next? A She will retire from her job at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo.

Why does Ryan pretend to be a commentator during the games of tag?

He had time to play commentator because nobody really wanted him to play tag. … He was still playing tag—he was just playing it in a different way. “Hey kid!” said a voice behind him, a freckle-faced girl with frizzy pigtails named Angela. A newcomer to the game, Ryan thought to himself.

How do I get Readworks answers?

Step-by-step Instructions:

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How are rainbows formed Readworks answers?

Sunlight is composed of light of varying wavelengths. Short wavelength light appears blue, violet and indigo, and long wavelength light appears red, orange and yellow. When sunlight enters a raindrop in the air, the light splits into a multitude of colors.

What is the Great Barrier Reef a a mammal that comes to the ocean’s surface to breathe every seven to 15 minutes b something that is made out of the same material as human fingernails and enables whales to strain small fish from seawater C the world’s largest coral reef located?

Humpback whales are one of the largest animals on the Great Barrier Reef, about as long as a medium school bus. On average, the humpback whale comes to the ocean’s surface to breathe every seven to 15 minutes, but they can remain underwater for as long as 45 minutes. Humpback whales are famous for their singing.

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How do we save the elephants?

To get there, we employ five major strategies:

  1. Prevent illegal killing.
  2. Protect elephant habitat.
  3. Monitor elephant numbers, poaching rates, and threats to elephant habitat at key sites in Africa and Asia.
  4. Reduce ivory trafficking.
  5. Reduce the demand for ivory.

How does the author feel about elephants?

The author most likely disapproves of it, and thinks it is often cruel and unfair to elephants. The author most likely cannot decide whether to support or oppose the tourism industry’s treatment of elephants.

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